Seabrook Family Christian Center

It's all about the kids!

After School Program

Seabrook FCC provides an after school program for members.  Your child will be picked up from his/her school and transported to our facility.  Upon arrival, a snack will be served.  A homework room, with a tutor, will be available for your child along with our large facility which allows plenty of room for active play. Children in the after school program participating in Seabrook's sports programs are already on site for practice or games--no need for further transportation. 

Registration: $25.00 per child

Membership: $50.00 joining fee and $25.00 membership per month.  Membership is drafted monthly from a checking or savings account.

Hours: Child care ends at 6:00 p.m.

    You will be charged $5.00 for every 5 minutes you are late!

Fees: $55.00 per week for one child, $100.00 per week for two children, $145.00 per week for three children, and $190.00 per week for four children living in the same household.

All payments MUST be current, including membership dues.

Payments are expected on Monday for the following week; unless prior arrangements have been made in the office.  You may pay on Tuesday with a $10.00 late fee.  Failure to pay by Tuesday will result in your child being removed from the program.

One week of vacation, without pay, can be taken during the After School Program year. However, unless your vacation week coincides with Christmas or Spring Break, you will be charged for those weeks. Please return the vacation request form to us at least 2 weeks prior to your scheduled vacation.

*We will do everything possible to keep our fees at the current prices. Please be informed that if gas prices soar, we may have to reconsider our fees. You will be notified of this in advance.

 Dates: Seabrook will be open all day whenever school is out except for the following dates:

*Labor Day- Monday, September 6

*Thanksgiving- Thursday, November 25 & Friday, November 26

*Christmas- Friday, December 24 & Saturday, December 25

*New Years- Friday, December 31 & Saturday, January 1

*Memorial Day- Monday, May 30

 **Seabrook will be open from 7:30AM until 6:00PM on days school is closed.

                 Please notify us of any days your child’s school is closed.    

 ***There will be sign up sheets posted for these days; if there are not at least 7 students signed up, Seabrook will not open our facility on these days for childcare.

Thank You,

Tammy Cummings

Executive Director


Summer Camp Program


MEMBERSHIP: $50 Joining fee and $25 per month

All campers must have a membership to Seabrook. Membership is drafted monthly or may be paid in cash for three months in advance.

REGISTRATION: $25 registration fee per camper. This fee includes your child’s Summer Camp T-shirt. No child will be signed up for the Summer Camp Program until all fees are paid and all paper work is completed correctly.  For children currently enrolled in the After School Program, the registration fee is $15. Joining fee, membership, and registration are non-refundable. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE!!!

FEES: $90 per week for one camper, $155 per week for two campers, $220 for three campers and $290 for four campers. These fees include the activity fee for the week. Late fees of $10 per week will be added to your payment if you are late. Payment is expected on Monday for the upcoming week and if you are more than two weeks behind, you will be terminated from the program. Campers are given a one week vacation without charge. If your child is going to be on vacation, you must give at least two weeks advanced notice to not be charged for the week. This will only be for one week. Due to limited availability, if you sign up for the Summer Camp Program, you are expected to pay for the entire 10 weeks of the program (June 07 - August 12, 2010) even if you do not attend, you are terminated, or withdraw from the program. All campers that are on the DHS Voucher Program MUST pay the $10 activity fee and any fees that DHS does not pay. All paperwork from DHS MUST be completed before Summer Camp begins.

 HOURS: 6:30am until 6:00pm Monday – Friday.

All children MUST be picked up by 6:00pm. If your child is not picked up on time, there will be a late charge of  $5.00 for every 5 minutes you are late. This will be payable when you pick your child up. THIS RULE WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED- NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

 SUMMER CAMP T-SHIRTS: One camp shirt will be provided upon registration. Additional shirts can be purchased for $10 each. We will have a very limited quantity for sale. All campers are REQUIRED to wear the T-shirt on every field trip unless it is noted in their weekly activity sheet. If they do not wear their T-shirt on a field trip day, they WILL NOT be allowed to take part in the trip and will be placed in another group closest to their age.

 FIELD TRIPS: Field trip schedules are posted on Mondays for the following month. If your child chooses not to go on a field trip, they will be moved to the next group closest to their age. If your child is not here when the field trip is schedule to leave, they will be put in a group closest to their age. We cannot wait on a child as we are on a time schedule for the trip. Your child needs to be at Seabrook at least 15 minutes before a field trip is scheduled to depart.

DISCIPLINE: The following steps will be followed for discipline.

1.      His/her counselor will verbally warn your child.

2.      Your child will be sent to the office and a discipline form will be filled out, sent home with them, and he/she will be given a time out according to age.

3.      Your child will be sent to the office, a discipline form will be filled out, sent home with   them, and will not be allowed to attend the next field trip.

4.      Your child will be sent to the office, a discipline form will be filled out, sent home with them, and will not be allowed to attend field trips for one week.

5.      Your child will be suspended for one week.

6.      Your child will be expelled for the remainder of the summer.

 Keep in mind different offenses will have different consequences. The discipline form will state what happened, as well as what will happen if they are sent to the office again. If a child is discipline for fighting, they will be sent to the office, a discipline form filled out, and suspended for one field trip. If he/she is disciplined again for fighting the consequences will be more severe.

 DAILY SIGN IN AND OUT:  You must come in each day and sign your child in and out (DHS Regulation). Only parents or adults listed on their registration form will be allowed to pick up your child each day. Until we are familiar with all parents, you may be asked to show identification. This is for your child’s safety.

LUNCH: Your child can choose to bring his/her lunch or purchase a lunch from Seabrook. Lunch will be $3.00 per day. The menu will be posted weekly in advance.

CLOTHING: Remember that your child will be playing outside a lot, so be sure to send them dressed in clothing that can get dirty. We recommend that an extra set of clothes be kept in your child’s cubby for those “just in case” times. Please remember that if your child requires sunscreen, it is your responsibility to send it and make sure to remind the counselors daily to put it on your child. On swim days, please send a swimsuit and towel along with a bag for his/her wet clothing. If your child needs to wear swim aids, it is your responsibility to send them and make sure your child’s name is clearly written in his/her clothing, towels, swim aids, and bag. Please remind your child that it is his/her responsibility to keep up with his/her items.


 PERSONAL ITEMS: We suggest that no personal items be brought from home. Seabrook is not responsible for items brought from home. We do not allow C.D. players, any electronic games, cell phones, toys, or games unless noted on the activity schedule at Seabrook. IF THESE ITEMS ARE BROUGHT TO SEABROOK, THEY MUST BE CHECKED IN AT THE FRONT DESK AT SIGN IN!!! Again, we assume no responsibility for items brought from home.

MONEY: If your child would like to purchase snacks from the snack bar, play video games, or for field trip spending money, we will keep a running tally in the office of how much each child has and will give it to them as needed.

PHONE CALLS: Cell phones are not allowed at Seabrook Summer Camp. We do not allow children to make or receive phone calls at Seabrook unless in the case of an emergency. It is very difficult to get children to the phone due to the Summer Camp activities and field trips. If you need to get a message to your child, please call and a message will be relayed to your child. If you feel that it is necessary for your child to have a cell phone on a field trip, we will allow it to be given to your child’s counselor for safe-keeping during the trip.

We do realize that with so many children in our program that there will be an occasional problem; if you have a concern or issue, discuss this with me.  Please, do not go to any other counselor or the front desk with a problem. We ask that you do not address another parent over a child problem OR another child.

We are so glad that you chose to bring your child to Seabrook for our Summer Camp Program. We feel that you will be very pleased with our program. Rest assured we will have a fun summer in a safe environment. Please call me if I can be of any assistance to you over the summer.

Thank You,

Tammy Cummings

Executive Director