Seabrook Family Christian Center

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Seabrook Learning Center to Open in September

Seabrook Family Christian Center is proud to announce the opening of The Seabrook Learning Center.  The center is projected to be open by September 15, 2010.  The Learning Center will have elementary and high school level programs.  Both programs are designed to improve standardized test scores.


The elementary program will be administered by Pam Turner, a certified elementary teacher with 25 years experience in the classroom.  The elementary program will focus on students achieving Accelerated Reading or Accelerated Math goals.  Meeting these goals is critical to success on benchmark exams.  Students will receive diagnostic testing to identify educational deficiencies and an individual tutoring plan will be developed, focusing on goal achievement for benchmark testing.


The high school program will be administered by Tammy Cummings.  Tammy is certified as a high school teacher (with 20 years experience) and a certified guidance counselor (with 10 years experience).  She is also a certified for administrative testing for all college prep tests.  The high school program will focus on college entrance testing, the ACT, PSAT and SAT.