Seabrook Family Christian Center

It's all about the kids!

                                Our Team

               SEABROOK FCC'S STAFF

Tammy Cummings - Executive Director/Child Care Director

Jennifer Ford - Office Manager 

Pam Turner- Learning Center Elementary Education Administrator

Willy Smith- Athletic Director/Grounds Superintendent

Logan Cheatwood- Grounds Crew

Hayden Harrison- Grounds Crew

Tiffany Doolin- Front Desk

Wendy Scallion- Front Desk

Jarrett Bell- Front Desk

Barbara Ann Hollis-  Custodian


       ~~~~~AFTER SCHOOL 2010-2011 COUNSELORS~~~~~

Juanita Clement

Wendy Scallion

Tiffany Doolin



Rob Cheatwood - President

Duke Fakouri - Vice President

Mac Norton- Secretary

David Mazzanti- Treasurer

Jimmy Smith

Kyle Kittler